Just Health Shops is a company that specializes in providing health care products and information for adults and children.

Our goal is to provide the best products and the most professional recommendations to our customers in an honest, confidential and caring manner. We strive to enable families who are dealing with specific health care conditions to live healthier and happier lives. We accomplish this through our comprehensive websites focused on specific health care needs, current catalogs and marketing efforts to increase consumer awareness of best practices to achieve desired outcomes. Our team is committed to helping our customers live their life to the fullest.

Our History

To meet the needs of families struggling with solutions to bedwetting, the Bedwetting Store was founded in 2000 and quickly became the recognized leader in providing information and products to this niche. As customers sought additional information about adult incontinence and protective bedding; additional online stores were created to meet these needs.

Our company has evolved and grown as consumer awareness and their needs have increased. The Bedwetting Store focuses primarily on children with bedwetting and supplying the best products for curing and dealing with this embarrassing problem. The Protective Bedding Store carries the widest selection of specialized bedding, specifically for those who need allergy or waterproof protection, and meets the needs of individuals or organizations such as camps, dormitories and rental properties. National Incontinence focuses on the needs of adults who suffer from incontinence, whether it is a minor inconvenience or a major life adjustment. We respect our customers struggle to overcome the challenges of incontinence and work together to provide excellent product selection and exceptional customer service. Through our efforts, thousands of children and adults are free of the worries that wetting problems can cause.

With our medical background and professionalism, we are committed to supplying the best products and most current information to our customers. We continue to create online stores that focus on specific needs, and help our customers make wise decisions when purchasing products. Through our websites and catalogs, we provide solutions to enable those with needs to live happier and healthier lives.